Recommended Sites

The Lord has raised up and is using many wonderful ministries around the US and the world.  Here are just a few that CCR recommends and suggests as helpful and valuable.


Calvary Chapel, Calvary Chapel Association, and Calvary Chapel Magazine | | If you are looking for a Calvary Chapel near your area, or while traveling in the US or abroad, or want to read helpful articles and gain spiritual insights, these are each great resources

American Center for Law & Justice Legal help, support, awareness, and prayer for Christians being unlawfully harmed or harrassed

Answers in Genesis Scriptural and Scientific answers and evidence of God's creation of the world and the cosmos 

Athletes in Action Leveraging the popularity of sports in the modern society to present the victory secured by Jesus to Middle School, High School, College level, and Professional athletes  

Chosen People Ministries Literature, information, and testimonies of Jewish believers who came to see Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah

CRU Reaching college students throughout the US and around the world with the hope of the gospel and relationships for growth and development 

ICC Help, awareness, and prayer for the thousands of people worldwide being persecuted for following Jesus

Living Waters Information, testimonies, and resources for Jesus' command to reach the world with the gospel

More than Dreams Dramatic video re-enactments and testimonies of five Muslims visited in dreams, that came to trust Christ as Savior

Samaritan's Purse The gospel of Jesus Christ, disaster relief, food, and clothing for the poor, hungry, and starving around the world

Word of Messiah Ministries Church planting and discipleship of Jewish and Gentile believers around the world